Saturday, July 11, 2009

Though the police investigators believe that Propofol might be the cause of Michael Jackson's sudden cardiac arrest which has ended his life on June 25th, LA police department claimed that a foul play is still an undeniable possibility and refused to rule it out in Michael Jackson's death. Joe Jackson revealed earlier on ABC news he does believe there was foul play in MJ death. LAPD Chief William J. Bratton said on CNN that till this very moment they can't determine exactly what they are dealing with and they are still awaiting toxicology reports which will more likely determine the cause of death, But until this moment investigators are currently looking into Michael Jackson's drug history and investigating doctors he had dealt with over the past years.

Friday, July 3, 2009


The staples center website has set a random drawing lottery for free Michael Jackson memorial tickets. Michael Jackson memorial will be held in 2 separate venues, The Staples Center and Nokia theatre. Nearly 17,500 tickets are available for the event, where 11,000 tickets are set for the staples and 6500 ticket available for Nokia venue. The winners will be randomly selected. All you need to do is sign up at The Staples website for the lottery. Due to the huge traffic targeting The Staples Center website since the announcement of the lottery, many fans had difficulty logging on to the website for some time. The registeration is said to end up on Saturday, 6:00 pm and the selected winners will be announced and alerted on Sunday.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The memorial service of the legendary Michael Jackson will take place on Tuesday at the staples center complex in downtown Los Angeles. The Jackson family announced that 11,000 tickets will be available for the public, FREE OF CHARGE.Lots of details have not yet been announced concerning MJ memorial event, the donors and such. Further precise details will be addressed in a press conference, within the next few hours.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Propofol which is an extremely powerful and potent drug was found at Michael Jackson's residence. Propofol is highly prohibited for home-use and is only available to medical personnel, used for to put people under anesthesia before surgery. Propofol is said to be a really powerful drug and can cause cardiac arrest if it is taken with painkillers. Lidocaine which is used to reduce the pain associated with Propofol was found near Michael Jackson's body.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It is stated that Michael Jackson was not the sperm donor of any of his children nor Debbie Rowe was the egg donor. The birth certificates of Michael Jr and Paris listed Michael Jackson as the father and Debbie as the mother, however the young Prince Michael Jackson II was listed as having one parent Michael Jackson, leaving the mother name as blanked.

Michael Jackson’s attorney has revealed his possession of Michael Jackson’s will which was signed in 2002, leaving Michael Jackson’s estate; worth around $1 billion to his mother and 3 children and leaving nothing to his father Joe Jackson.
John Branca, MJ’s attorney revealed his intention to file Michael Jackson's will with the court within 30 days.

Did Michael Jackson OD on prescription drugs? This is now the pervading question, and the question asked not just by his immediate family but by his fans as well. If the papers and the online chatter are to be believed, then the singer died because of his overdose on pharmaceutical drugs. It was reported but not yet confirmed that the singer was being injected with Demerol before going into cardiac arrest. The singer suffered cardiac arrest on June 25 at around 11:26 am and passed away after three hours.
Demerol is considered as a powerful synthetic narcotic drug and this is part of the group that includes narcotic pain relievers. The effects of Demerol is said to be similar to morphine, and this is used to treat to moderate to severe pain. Plus, this drug is also used for other purposes other than its intended purpose.
According to many reports, right after the singer was given the shot of Demerol the singer started to exhibit slow and shallow breathing. According to a person close to the family, the breathing of the singer started to go slower and slower and eventually his breathing just stopped. The CPR was performed on the singer, but he did not respond to the CPR. But when the doctor of the singer was asked with regards to the Demerol injection, the doctor said that the Demerol injection was not true. In a statement made by his doctor Conrad Murray, the doctor denied that he injected the singer with the pain killer which has contributed to the heart attack. His lawyer furthered added that if there were drugs that were prescribed for the singer then these drugs were for the specific complaints of the singer. The family of the singer is singing a different tune.
According to an entertainment website, members of the Jackson family believes that the singer was given a heavy dose of the drug called morphine shortly before his death and this move deeply troubled the singer. The concern of family members on the singer’s dependence on drugs is evident. It has been reported that Joe Jackson wanted the singer to be placed in a facility in Palmdale, California. He said that this was in connection to the singer’s addiction to morphine and other prescription drugs. And because of the singer’s supposed ‘addiction’ to morphine and other prescription drugs, family members felt that the singer will be unable to perform at his concerts.
Right now, the police just revealed they have found bags full of drugs at Michael Jackson’s residence where he died which increase the chances that he might actually have died of overdose, however only Autopsy results will tell.

Monday, June 29, 2009

The death of Michael Jackson this week comes as a shock not only to the members of the family, but also to his millions of fans around the world. And there are lots of questions and speculations surrounding the Michael Jackson funeral arrangements. The singer is an icon and the ‘King of Pop’, so the next question is that will his funeral be as big as that of Princess Diana. Or will his funeral be bigger than that of the deceased Princess of Wales?
The funeral arrangements for the ‘King of Pop’ may not be formalized as of this writing, but there are expectations that the Michael Jackson funeral arrangements will draw the largest attendance of fans and it is expected that there will massive outpouring of public emotion. And some are expecting that the outpouring of attendance and sympathy will match or even surpass that of Princess Diana. With no finality and formal word yet on the funeral, the reports that are available online only discusses snippets and little details about the supposed plan.
According to Tito Jackson, the family of the singer is now planning and discussing the funeral arrangements for the singer. The brother of the singer was interviewed by one website and revealed that the family is planning on having a public service aside from the expected private one. While there are talks about the funeral arrangements for the singer, there are also meetings being made with regards to the estate left by the singer. News reports have it that Randy Jackson as assisted by the former manager of Jackson will take control of the singer’s estate.
About the custody of the singer’s kids, there are reports that their grandmother will have custody of the kids. There is one plan that is being brought up, and this is the supposed location where Jackson will be buried. According to one news report, there is a plan to bury the remains of the singer at the Neverland Ranch in California. This was a suggestion from the former manager of the singer and the special ambassador to Senegal. This move is linked to the plan to transform Neverland into Graceland with the singer’s grave as the central attraction.
No matter what the final say of the family will be, there is no denying the fact that the funeral of Michael Jackson could be one of the biggest ever which can rival the funeral of other celebrities. For example, during the funeral of Elvis Presley in 1977 around 80,000 fans went to the funeral. And during the funeral of Princess Diana, around a quarter of a million people turned out. And many are expecting that Jackson’s funeral will match these- or it could even be larger.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The BET Awards prepared a spectacular musical memorial for the legendary MJ. Many performers changed their previously planned performance like Beyonce, Jay Z and many others to feature tributes for Michael Jackson. Joe Jackson, father of the late legendary Michael Jackson, arrives at the 9th Annual BET Awards, accepting condolences from Michael Jackson's fans. A Dazzling collection of the artists showed up at BET Awards event to pay tribute to man who influenced them all.

Michael Jackson's family members have decided to request a second autopsy, hoping it would determine the exact cause of death this time. Lots of rumors have been floating around since MJ death on June 25th. Many claim that OD might be the cause of his death, others think he might have actually committed suicide and some believe that stress he had been under for years might be the main cause of the cardiac arrest that ended his life.The Jackson family hired a private pathologist to perform the second autopsy which took place in LA, on Saturday and the results of the second autopsy should be revealed in few days.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Initial autopsy test which was done on Friday by Indian-American pathologist Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran, did not show any trauma or foul play on the deceased body. However further tests will be done including toxicology and other tests which may take over 6 weeks to determine the exact cause of death. Family members have indicated that Michael Jackson has been addicted to painkillers specifically on morphine and had previous plans to put him in a rehab.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson was a phenomenal artist. With over 700,000,000 sales, he is said to be the biggest selling artist of all times. Through his career, He won 19 Grammy Awards, 13 Guinness World Records and many others.
Michael Jackson's greatest best selling hits were:
*Remember the time
*beat it
*off the wall
*You are not alone
*They really don't care about us
*Billie Jean
*Leave me alone
*You rock my world
*I Just Can't Stop Loving You
And many more. MJ will continue to influence and inspire millions

Michael Jackson, the pop legend has collapsed at his residence in CA as a result of a heart attack. MJ was truly a pop legendary icon and his music will never be topped. Many fans of his including me were devastated and shocked by his unexpected death. I was stunned when I first heard the news, the king of pop died at the age of 50 with a heart attack. It kind of brought me chills to my spine and tears in my eyes. It is said the autopsy will be done on Friday. Despite the controversy about him, He was and always will be an undeniable pop icon. Rest in peace Mj, You will definitely be missed.

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