Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Did Michael Jackson OD on prescription drugs? This is now the pervading question, and the question asked not just by his immediate family but by his fans as well. If the papers and the online chatter are to be believed, then the singer died because of his overdose on pharmaceutical drugs. It was reported but not yet confirmed that the singer was being injected with Demerol before going into cardiac arrest. The singer suffered cardiac arrest on June 25 at around 11:26 am and passed away after three hours.
Demerol is considered as a powerful synthetic narcotic drug and this is part of the group that includes narcotic pain relievers. The effects of Demerol is said to be similar to morphine, and this is used to treat to moderate to severe pain. Plus, this drug is also used for other purposes other than its intended purpose.
According to many reports, right after the singer was given the shot of Demerol the singer started to exhibit slow and shallow breathing. According to a person close to the family, the breathing of the singer started to go slower and slower and eventually his breathing just stopped. The CPR was performed on the singer, but he did not respond to the CPR. But when the doctor of the singer was asked with regards to the Demerol injection, the doctor said that the Demerol injection was not true. In a statement made by his doctor Conrad Murray, the doctor denied that he injected the singer with the pain killer which has contributed to the heart attack. His lawyer furthered added that if there were drugs that were prescribed for the singer then these drugs were for the specific complaints of the singer. The family of the singer is singing a different tune.
According to an entertainment website, members of the Jackson family believes that the singer was given a heavy dose of the drug called morphine shortly before his death and this move deeply troubled the singer. The concern of family members on the singer’s dependence on drugs is evident. It has been reported that Joe Jackson wanted the singer to be placed in a facility in Palmdale, California. He said that this was in connection to the singer’s addiction to morphine and other prescription drugs. And because of the singer’s supposed ‘addiction’ to morphine and other prescription drugs, family members felt that the singer will be unable to perform at his concerts.
Right now, the police just revealed they have found bags full of drugs at Michael Jackson’s residence where he died which increase the chances that he might actually have died of overdose, however only Autopsy results will tell.


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