Monday, June 29, 2009

The death of Michael Jackson this week comes as a shock not only to the members of the family, but also to his millions of fans around the world. And there are lots of questions and speculations surrounding the Michael Jackson funeral arrangements. The singer is an icon and the ‘King of Pop’, so the next question is that will his funeral be as big as that of Princess Diana. Or will his funeral be bigger than that of the deceased Princess of Wales?
The funeral arrangements for the ‘King of Pop’ may not be formalized as of this writing, but there are expectations that the Michael Jackson funeral arrangements will draw the largest attendance of fans and it is expected that there will massive outpouring of public emotion. And some are expecting that the outpouring of attendance and sympathy will match or even surpass that of Princess Diana. With no finality and formal word yet on the funeral, the reports that are available online only discusses snippets and little details about the supposed plan.
According to Tito Jackson, the family of the singer is now planning and discussing the funeral arrangements for the singer. The brother of the singer was interviewed by one website and revealed that the family is planning on having a public service aside from the expected private one. While there are talks about the funeral arrangements for the singer, there are also meetings being made with regards to the estate left by the singer. News reports have it that Randy Jackson as assisted by the former manager of Jackson will take control of the singer’s estate.
About the custody of the singer’s kids, there are reports that their grandmother will have custody of the kids. There is one plan that is being brought up, and this is the supposed location where Jackson will be buried. According to one news report, there is a plan to bury the remains of the singer at the Neverland Ranch in California. This was a suggestion from the former manager of the singer and the special ambassador to Senegal. This move is linked to the plan to transform Neverland into Graceland with the singer’s grave as the central attraction.
No matter what the final say of the family will be, there is no denying the fact that the funeral of Michael Jackson could be one of the biggest ever which can rival the funeral of other celebrities. For example, during the funeral of Elvis Presley in 1977 around 80,000 fans went to the funeral. And during the funeral of Princess Diana, around a quarter of a million people turned out. And many are expecting that Jackson’s funeral will match these- or it could even be larger.


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