Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Initial autopsy test which was done on Friday by Indian-American pathologist Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran, did not show any trauma or foul play on the deceased body. However further tests will be done including toxicology and other tests which may take over 6 weeks to determine the exact cause of death. Family members have indicated that Michael Jackson has been addicted to painkillers specifically on morphine and had previous plans to put him in a rehab.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson was a phenomenal artist. With over 700,000,000 sales, he is said to be the biggest selling artist of all times. Through his career, He won 19 Grammy Awards, 13 Guinness World Records and many others.
Michael Jackson's greatest best selling hits were:
*Remember the time
*beat it
*off the wall
*You are not alone
*They really don't care about us
*Billie Jean
*Leave me alone
*You rock my world
*I Just Can't Stop Loving You
And many more. MJ will continue to influence and inspire millions

Michael Jackson, the pop legend has collapsed at his residence in CA as a result of a heart attack. MJ was truly a pop legendary icon and his music will never be topped. Many fans of his including me were devastated and shocked by his unexpected death. I was stunned when I first heard the news, the king of pop died at the age of 50 with a heart attack. It kind of brought me chills to my spine and tears in my eyes. It is said the autopsy will be done on Friday. Despite the controversy about him, He was and always will be an undeniable pop icon. Rest in peace Mj, You will definitely be missed.

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